Ego-RV battery

eGo-RV battery


eGo-RS Battery is invented by TRUEMAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, you may visit the SIPO website to check our patent authenticity ( No. ZL 2012 3 0525322.X )

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What is eGo-RV battery


eGo-RS battery with main feature, battery removable & variable voltage, works with CE4 Clearomizer/THOR CE4, evod, MT3 or any other ego thread atomizers. It’s designed to avoid battery defection & battery insecurity. Battery used is 14500 battery, which can be took out to be charged. Besides, battery inside is durable. So it’s quite safe to be used.





Advantages of eGo-RV battery

  1. Safety- the 14500 battery inside can be took out for being charged. It has battery-reverse protection, short-circuit protection, over-charge, over-discharge protection.
  2. Variable voltage- 3.3v-3.7v-4.2v
  3. Cost-effectiveness- since battery can be took out, you only need to replace the body or the battery when it broke.
  4. Wide application range- the eGo-RS battery is with ego thread. So it can work with most of the atomizers in the market. Such as ce4 clearomizer, THOR CE4 clearomizers, evod clearomzier and MT3 clearomizer etc.


How to use the eGo-RV battery

·Unscrew the bottom spring cap水印

·Put the 14500 battery into the body(keep negative side outside)

·Screw on the bottom cap

·press the button for 5 times continuously to unlock before smoking

·when finished smoking, please click 5 times to lock the battery


How to charge the eGo-RV battery

charging method 水印


It can be charged with usb charger. You need to screw the usb charger on the battery metal part.



ego-rs charger 水印




·It can be charged with 14500 battery charger. You need to took out the battery inside and put it on the charger.




eGo-RV battery Wholesale Business

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Colorful ego rs


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